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About Us


Drips Water has been established to provide the general public and business entities the economical means to generate their own good, clean water from a point of entry (POE) and/or point of use (POU) in their home, office, or while on-the-go. It is Drips Water's objective to offer healthy, alternative choices to questionable drinking water sources from public municipalities, bottled water, and contaminated bodies of water such as rivers, lakes and streams. It is Drips Water's objective to educate the public and private sectors about the importance of water in our daily lives from a wellness perspective; about the choices in water types available regarding individual water needs; about the toxicity of certain plastics in water choices;  and about the many benefits of reusable containers.

Drips Water affirms its commitment as a partner in the global community. By offering alternatives to commercially bottled water, Drips Water hopes to mitigate the continued damaging effects of toxic plastic in the environment. Through education and awareness, it is hoped that consumers will make the lifestyle changes to safeguard the earth's precious water supply.

Through charitable giving, Drips Water continues to support organizations focused on the world's on-going water crisis, as well as those offering assistance to the many families affected by autism.

Drips Water is a family owned and operated business.  From our family to yours, let's work together to empower the world with clean drinking water and give health and safety to our generation and those to come.